Contact: Joe Zepecki

Medicaid Expansion would boost state coffers, economy

WISCONSIN — In the wake of Governor Tony Evers’ call for a special session on Medicaid Expansion and the release of draft legislation itemizing the local investments expansion would make possible, Protect Our Care Wisconsin State Director Joe Zepecki released the following statement:

“It’s one thing for a legislator to oppose a public policy passed by a President they didn’t like a decade ago. It’s another thing entirely for them to choose fiscally irresponsible intransigence over projects that will create jobs and strengthen their local community. Accepting the federal expansion of Medicaid available under the Affordable Care Act has always been the smart move for Wisconsin – expanding coverage while saving the state money – but never before have obstructionist Republican legislators been put on the spot like they will be next week. By connecting the dots for Republican legislators and demonstrating what the cost of GOP obstruction on health care is, Governor Evers is showing every Wisconsin family what is possible if Republicans are finally willing to do the right thing.”

Look what we could do.

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