Contact: Joe Zepecki

WISCONSIN — As part of Medicaid Awareness Month, Protect Our Care is launching a campaign to push the Republican governors and state legislators in the 14 holdout states to accept the additional funds now available to them through the American Rescue Plan to expand Medicaid. The campaign — featuring a website, digital ads, and state reports — will also hold Republicans in Congress accountable for their votes against the American Rescue Plan and their efforts to sabotage Medicaid at every turn. Protect Our Care will focus the “GOP Medicaid Deniers” campaign in four states — Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin — where GOP leaders put politics over the health of their citizens

“Medicaid is vital for ensuring access to quality, affordable care, especially for under served urban and rural communities. Unfortunately, even though the benefits are crystal clear, Republicans refuse to be reasonable,” said Protect Our Care Wisconsin State Director Joe Zepecki. “It is long past time that legislative Republicans in Wisconsin stop playing politics with their constituents’ health. By refusing to expand Medicaid in Wisconsin, Republicans are denying insurance to their most vulnerable populations and wasting taxpayer resources. The American Rescue Plan presents another opportunity for Wisconsin Republicans to do the right thing. If they refuse they can expect to be held accountable.”

In Wisconsin, Democratic Governor Tony Evers and Democrats in the State Legislature have repeatedly tried to expand Medicaid which would cover an more than 90,000 additional Wisconsinites. However, Republicans, led by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos continue to block the expansion with Vos calling it a “non-starter” even with enhanced federal funding available as part of the American Rescue Plan.

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