MILWAUKEE, WI — Today, Protect Our Care launched a new digital ad campaign in Wisconsin to hold Republican Senator Ron Johnson accountable for his vote against the American Rescue Plan. The American Rescue Plan works to get the virus under control and restore our economy by providing $1,400 checks and other financial relief for children and families, getting vaccines in the arms of Americans and reducing health care costs.

According to a recent report from the Associated Press, under this plan “Several million people stand to save hundreds of dollars in health insurance costs, or more.” Kaiser Health News found that this plan has “some of the most significant changes to insurance affordability in more than a decade.”

The ads will run in-district so constituents know where their elected officials stand on this monumental health care vote.

Ads about support of the American Rescue Plan will be running in the districts eight US Senators and a dozen US House members.

Ads focusing on opposition to the American Rescue Plan will be running in Wisconsin highlighting US Senator Ron Johnson’s NO vote, as well as in Florida, and eight congressional districts.

“Senator Johnson cannot hide from his vote against the American Rescue Plan. This plan is absolutely critical to pulling our country out of this pandemic and the every American should understand why this relief is on the way. It is because Democrats, and only Democrats, delivered,” said Protect Our Care Wisconsin State Director Joe Zepecki. “Protect Our Care is fully committed to making sure people know which of their elected officials voted to get more shots in arms, more cash in the pockets of Americans, and to reduce health care costs — and which ones voted to prolong the pandemic and leave their constituents without the relief they need.”

Wisconsin Script

Americans are fighting every day against this pandemic.

Small businesses. Jobs. Time with family. Lives. All lost.

But Senator Ron Johnson  just voted against the American Rescue Plan.

Said no to 1,400 dollars in direct relief for families.

Said no to a surge in vaccine distribution.

Said no to lowering health insurance premiums and expanding care.

Americans want to get control of this virus.

Ron Johnson voted to prolong it.

Call and tell him  to STOP playing politics with our lives.

You can watch the new ad here, and learn more about the historic provisions in President Biden’s American Rescue Plan here.

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