WISCONSIN — In case you missed it, more than 400 members of the United States Conference of Mayors sent a letter to congressional leaders urging them to pass the American Rescue Plan and deliver aid to their cities and residents immediately.

Signers included several mayors from Wisconsin, including:

  • Steven ‘Steve’ V. Ponto, Brookfield
  • Eric Genrich, Green Bay
  • Satya Rhodes-Conway, Madison
  • Tom Barrett, Milwaukee
  • Michael Vandersteen, Sheboygan

“On behalf of The United States Conference of Mayors, we urge you to take immediate action on comprehensive coronavirus relief legislation, including providing direct fiscal assistance to all cities, which is long overdue. President Biden’s American Rescue Plan contains such assistance as part of an aggressive strategy to contain the virus, increase access to life-saving vaccines, and create a foundation for sustainable and inclusive recovery,” the letter states.

The letter also highlights the burden taken on by local governments to support their communities in the absence of federal aid:  “American cities and our essential workers have been serving at the frontlines of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic for nearly a year. We have been charged with executing herculean public health efforts and an unprecedented emergency response. Despite immense fiscal pressure, your local government partners oversaw those efforts, while trying to maintain essential services and increase our internal capacity to provide support for residents and businesses who have been crippled by a tanking economy.”

You can read the full letter and view the complete list of signatories here.

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