Contact: Joe Zepecki
[email protected]

WISCONSIN — New digital ads from Healthcare Workers Action ask Republican Senator Ron Johnson to vote to provide urgently needed relief for our front line health care workers who are leading the fight to stop COVID-19 and provide critical economic support to states and regions around the country that have been devastated by the pandemic. The American Rescue Plan includes needed funding for frontline health workers, hospitals and rural clinics, state and local safety programs, K-12 and higher education. Wisconsin could benefit from $11 billion in federal funding to bolster state pandemic support, support schools, provide rental assistance, ramp up vaccinations and testing, and fund childcare.

Wisconsin Could Benefit From $11 Billion Under the American Rescue Plan 

(Based on Proportion of U.S. Population)

  • State and Local Aid: ~$6.1 Billion
  • Rental Assistance: ~$525 Million
  • K-12 and Higher Education: ~$3 Billion
  • Vaccinations & Testing: ~$1.2 Billion
  • Child care: ~$438 Million
  • Stimulus payments and unemployment relief for millions of Wisconsinites

The ads began last week and will run for at least the next two weeks. The ads are also running in Florida, Ohio, Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina.

You can see the complete series of Wisconsin banner ads here.


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