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Today, Protect Our Care’s Coronavirus War Room released a new ad highlighting the overwhelming benefits of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan ahead of the Senate vote. The ad will run nationally on Facebook as well as in Wisconsin to target Senator Ron Johnson to urge him to vote for the bill. The ad explains why it’s imperative that Sen. Johnson stop playing political games and vote to give Wisconsinites direct relief they need and to ensure the U.S. has the resources necessary to defeat the coronavirus.


The ad also makes clear that the key provisions in the bill such as direct checks to Americans, expanded unemployment insurance, funding reopening schools, and resources for vaccine distribution enjoy widespread support from a majority of Americans, including many Republican voters.


While Democrats are united in their efforts to pass this bill and give the American people much needed relief, Senate Republicans and Senator Johnson seem destined to follow their colleagues in the House by opposing the legislation. In fact, Senator Ron Johnson and other Republican Senators are even threatening to use procedural tricks to delay passage of the bill for days.


Full transcript of the ad: 


President Biden and Democrats in Congress are doing everything they can to get the pandemic under control


That’s why they are fighting to pass the American Rescue Plan — a bold economic relief package to get America back on track.


American families will see and feel real benefits from this plan…


… direct checks that put money in their pockets

… savings on their health insurance bills

… more vaccines in their communities

… and schools reopened faster 


Real relief addressing real issues


What’s more? 


President Biden’s plan has bipartisan support among voters and bipartisan support among elected leaders in red states and blue states. 


Chris Hayes: “New poll today found 76 percent of voters support the plan. 76 percent — that includes 60 percent of Republicans. You basically never see that.”


But Mitch McConnell and Republicans in Congress continue to oppose this relief package… 


even if it means endangering our economic recovery and prolonging this crisis for families and communities across the country.


It’s time Republicans stopped playing politics with our livelihoods and our lives.




Initial unemployment claims filed last week: 13,202. [Department of Labor, 3/4/21]

New Coronavirus cases (Feb. 21- Feb. 27): 5,110

New Coronavirus deaths (Feb. 21- Feb. 27): 144


Wisconsin Could Benefit From $10 Billion Under the American Rescue Plan 

(Based on Proportion of U.S. Population)


  • State and Local Aid: ~$5.7 billion
  • Rental Assistance: ~$525 million
  • K-12 and Higher Education: ~$1.7 billion
  • Vaccinations & Testing: ~$1.2 billion
  • Child care: ~$438 million
  • Stimulus payments and unemployment relief for millions of Wisconsinites

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