Contact: Joe Zepecki

WISCONSIN — During a local radio interview yesterday, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) further disgraced himself by telling Wisconsinites he didn’t think they needed the $1,400 direct checks that President Biden funded as part of the American Rescue Plan. Senator Johnson, who also refused to say whether he has gotten the coronavirus vaccine, has continued to spread disinformation about the vaccine and made his disapproval of the overwhelmingly popular American Rescue Plan clear despite many GOP voters supporting it.

In response to his remarks, Protect Our Care Coronavirus War Room Spokesperson Michael Feldman issued the following statement:
“If it wasn’t already clear Ron Johnson doesn’t care about the wellbeing of Wisconsinites, his doubling down against support for direct $1,400 checks should tell voters all they need to know.
“Americans overwhelmingly supported, and continue to support President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, including $1,400 relief checks, and Republicans like Ron Johnson are not only positioning themselves against their own voters and constituents but show they have no interest in helping them when they need it most. 
“The more Republicans like Ron Johnson continue to show their true colors, the more voters understand it’s President Biden and Democrats who have their back during this pandemic and are leading us out of this crisis with direct relief. Republicans, like Ron Johnson, will have to answer to voters as to why they voted against direct checks, funding for vaccines, and money to reopen schools safely.”
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