The ground breaking news revealed on Friday of irrefutable evidence that criminal election activities happened.  We are calling upon the Racine County Sheriff to turn over all records to the D.A. immediately.  He should also make a public request for any such criminal action in other elderly living centers.

After the 2020 November election, our Racine County GOP vice-chair was contacted by a Colorado resident whose mother was in a Racine area nursing home, other than the one described by the Sheriff.  She claimed her mother had voted Republican her entire life, but was coerced into voting Democrat in this election.  The nursing home staff convinced this woman, and others in the home, that Trump was a horrible, bad person and they needed to vote for Biden and helped them do so.  Although the daughter was told to contact local police, she did report the incident to the hotlines that were available after the election, but feared retribution against her mother if she contacted authorities since the nursing home staff had been completely irate when they were confronted.

We were also told by local elderly care centers and clerks that our Special Voting Deputies could not go in to assist in voting activities in the fall of 2020.

We are calling for immediate action by the Racine County District Attorney’s office to bring charges and arrest warrants for those that were complicit in any election criminal behavior.

We are calling for a criminal investigation at all of Racine County elderly care facilities where the W.E.C. and clerks were complicit in disenfranchising the voters of Racine County.

We are calling for immediate action by Speaker Vos and Senator Devin LeMahieu, Majority Leader, Senator Chris Kapenga, the Senate President, Senator Patrick Testin President Pro Tempore against the Wisconsin Elections Commission Commissioners (W.E.C.).  At a minimum call for judicial actions to remove them from the commission along with leading staff members.

We are calling for similar immediate actions against the Wisconsin Ethics Commission which has been silent on all these matters.

Wisconsin should be able to go through one election cycle without both the Wisconsin Elections Commission and Wisconsin Ethics Commission not giving false advice.  Maybe the Legislature should own up to their Constitutional responsibilities and manage elections themselves and not pawn if off on a bunch of hacks.

We believe that the criminal behavior that has been revealed thus far is just the tip of the iceberg.

Fight Back Wisconsin!

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