WISCONSIN – Today, Real Recovery Now alongside BLOC and For Our Future released polling in Wisconsin revealing big and bipartisan support for all the elements of President Biden’s infrastructure and care plan. People in Wisconsin are hungry for action on building back better and expect Congress to deliver results.

In addition to all of the elements of Biden’s plan being popular, people also support paying for it by having the rich and big corporations pay their fair share in taxes, and this includes a significant 45% of Republicans.

“This data reflects exactly what our team is hearing on the ground – there is broad, bipartisan support for President Biden’s plans to build back better. We’re finding that the more specific we are about the individual elements of the President’s plans to create jobs and raise wages the more eager people are to support them, especially when they hear that these plans are paid for by ensuring the very wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share in taxes.” – Peter Drummond, For Our Future Wisconsin State Director.

“The poll shows how basic infrastructure and care are not only widely popular in our communities but are necessary to have thriving communities. One issue that hits the Milwaukee Black community hard, is dealing with lead in our drinking water. It’s been noted that drinking water with amounts of lead in it, leads to behavioral and development issues that can sometimes lead to law enforcement being called on our community members. Having access to clean drinking water is a fundamental right for us all.” – Angela Lang, Executive Director, Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC).

Key Findings in Wisconsin:

Based on what you know now, do you support or oppose the American Rescue Plan?

  • 72% Support (Total) the American Rescue Plan; 92% of Democrats, 50% of Republicans

Do you support or oppose the American Jobs Plan?

  • 70% Support (Total) the American Jobs Plan; 96% of Democrats, 45% of Republicans

Do you support or oppose the American Families Plan?

  • 59% Support (Total) the American Families Plan; 87% of Democrats and 36% of Republicans

Do you agree or disagree that investments that create jobs in caregiving, childcare, or long-term care for seniors and people with disabilities can create economic growth and opportunities because they can allow other family members to enter the workforce?

  • 72% Agree (Total); 92% of Democrats, 61% of Republicans

Data For Progress polling occurred from April 30 to May 4, 2021 of 539 likely voters in Wisconsin detailing likely voters sentiment to President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan.

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