The Waukesha School District Superintendent recently reiterated a policy and directed teaching staff to remove all divisive propaganda and signage such as Black Lives Matter, Anti-racist classroom, pride flags, inclusive language signs etc. from the classroom.   Rep. Allen released the following statement:

Divisive symbols serve as barriers to students’ learning, and therefore, must be prohibited. Students must not feel discouraged and deterred from engaging in both a positive learning experience and environment. Students in the classroom should not be directly influenced by a teacher’s personal and seemingly private political or moral positions.

The Superintendent’s directive is supported by and consistent with Board Policy and is not a new or targeted practice in any way.  The Controversial Topics policy encompasses issues related to political stances, religious issues, and non-curricular content.  The board has stated that staff may share professional opinions that stand to enrich classroom discussion if, and only if, individual political positions are left completely out of the classroom.

Though this message may be upsetting to some educators, it is a necessary and ethical policy that must be strictly enforced. Education is meant to be an unbiased activity with no barriers or forced personal political views involved.

Democrats in Waukesha are attempting to mobilize a mob to pressure the school board to revise its policy.  Is it that the enforcement of this policy runs contrary to the Democrats’ indoctrination strategy?

All students benefit from a classroom free of controversial and divisive signage and ideals.

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