In a ceremony at the State Capitol today, legislators honored First Responders from across Wisconsin.  Rep. Scott Allen (R-Waukesha) recognized Lake Country Fire and Rescue (LCFR) Assistant Chief Jim Moon as the 97th Assembly District First Responder of the Year.

Serving in various capacities for more than 40 years, including as a volunteer, paid on-call member, and full time chief, Moon’s nominations came from fellow officers.

Over his career, Chief Moon was a “driving force” behind developing relationships and mutual aid agreements that benefit communities across Waukesha County.  Fire Chief Matthew Fennig of LFCR lauded Moon as instrumental in Wales Genesee Fire consolidating with Lake Country Fire and Rescue, writing that Moon “showed true leadership by setting his own personal interests aside in the interest of what is best for the citizens in his community.”

“Chief Moon allows his staff to not only grow their fire service skills, but he allows for each person’s unique abilities to contribute to the department,” wrote Captain Jim Keller.  “He has built strong teams of individuals by valuing their differences and attempting to build a stronger team because of those differences, versus attempting to build a team of ‘cookie cutter employees.’”

“Chief Moon is the ideal image of what a true leader should strive to be,” wrote Tanya Reynen, Deputy Chief of Lake Country Fire Rescue. “He is a solid leader that does not hesitate to call things how they are and guide the membership to grow and push themselves further.”

Fire Chief Alex Felde of Vernon wrote that members of the department “can come to [Jim] with any problem whether it’s a job or personal issue.  Jim leads by example and that serves as a motivator for his people as well.”

 “Those who nominated Chief Moon noted his humility and ability to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves,” said Rep. Allen.  “First Responders like Chief Moon are crucial to maintaining the safety and stability of our communities.  It is an honor to recognize Chief Moon’s contributions to his community.”

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