Yesterday at sunset darkness fell upon Waukesha, and evil reared its ugly head during the joy-filled holiday parade.

The community of Waukesha is full of loving people who will not succumb to the darkness.

While we mourn those who were lost and pray for those who were injured, we will show our love for each other in thousands of ways.

We will let our lights shine, and the light will pierce the darkness.

I call on everyone in the greater Waukesha community to turn on a light at 4 PM today and let it shine through the night until daybreak.  It could be a front porch light, a back patio light, a hall light, any light you choose, but together let’s make it clear that evil has no place in our community.

For those that are able and so inclined I encourage you to walk Main Street with your cell phone flashlight shining sometime this evening, Monday, November 22nd, after dusk.

Prayer is powerful, so I ask you to pray.

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