The Wisconsin State Assembly today unanimously passed a resolution authored by Representative Scott Allen (R-Waukesha) calling for improving election integrity standards.  The resolution declares that the Wisconsin State Assembly places as its highest priority a redress to election law violations and failed administrative procedures.


You can read Assembly Resolution 3 here.


“Constituents of the 97th Assembly District, and thousands of people from across America continue to contact me daily to express their deep concerns over how the 2020 elections were conducted,” said Rep. Allen.  “Election officials cannot treat the statutes as mere suggestions.”  


The law violations are a matter of public record. Consider the evidence for yourself here.


“In America, we stand by the principle of the rule of law,’” said Rep. Allen.  “We must decide whether we are going to hold our civil officers who oversee elections to that principle.”


The Assembly passed the resolution during the Inaugural session. Rep. Allen begins his fourth term representing the 97th Assembly District and will serve on the following committees during the 2021-22 session: Housing and Real Estate, Constitution and Ethics, Financial Institutions, Public Benefit Reform, Regulatory and Licensing Reform, Veterans and Military Affairs.

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