Contact: Rep. Scott Allen                                                                                          (608) 266-8580

Senseless.  That is the only word that I can think of that adequately describes what happened in Waukesha this afternoon.

My heart aches imagining the pain that so many experienced today at what should have been a joyous event.

I pray for the comfort of God’s love for those who lost loved ones. I pray for healing for those who were injured and for the families and witnesses who are recovering from the trauma of the experience.

My wife and I along with staff and supporters were just finishing our parade trek when we heard the shots from the police weapon discharged in an attempt to stop the suspect.  Safety personnel very quickly urged us along with parade onlookers to immediately flee to a safe area. We were perhaps a block or two ahead of where the incident took place.

The rest of the evening I was engaged in phone calls and texts from friends, family, and colleagues.  Everyone is concerned about what happened today and the people affected.

We love our community, so when something like this happens, we all grieve.

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