Madison…After an extensive investigation into the 2020 election, Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling announced that faculty within the Ridgewood Care Center may have illegally voted on behalf of 8 individuals that did not have the cognitive ability to vote. Through the Sheriff’s investigation, it was found that employees of the nursing home were following guidance given them from the Wisconsin Elections Board (WEC) that violated state law.

Representative Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva), a committee member of the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules (JCRAR), called for swift and substantial changes at WEC following this announcement.

“This investigation and the recently released election audit performed by the Legislative Audit Bureau continue to show that the WEC has become a rogue agency that is making up the rules to fit their own agenda,” said August. “Those responsible for breaking state laws should resign immediately.”

Under state law, the only individuals that are allowed to assist voters in care facilities are their family or special voting deputies. Special voting deputies are appointed by the local clerk and must have individuals from both parties. In the past, WEC has attempted to limit special voting deputies from entering care facilities without legislative approval.

“In February of this year, JCRAR voted to require WEC to put their guidance regarding special voting deputies in rule form, which would allow legislative review. They refused,” said August. “The audit found on at least 7 occasions the WEC was distributing guidance out to municipal clerks that should have first been submitted to the legislature in rule form. This is a disturbing pattern that needs to end immediately.”

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