MADISON – State Representative Elijah Behnke (R-Oconto) issued the following statement in the aftermath of the Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) November 2020 election audit and Racine County Sheriff investigation:

“The recent LAB audit results and Racine County Sheriff investigation show the WI Elections Commission (WEC) violated state election laws. Agencies cannot pick and choose which laws to follow, that is completely unacceptable. The people of Wisconsin deserve better, they put their trust in WEC to properly oversee our state’s elections. Since that trust was violated, there needs to be consequences.”

“As such, I demand WEC Administrator Meagan Wolfe resign. All the violations and mismanagement happened under her watch and she has made it clear she cannot be trusted to be at the helm of this agency. The administrator role must be held by someone who has the integrity to follow and uphold election laws.”

“Until this change is made, people will continue to doubt that our elections are truly fair and free.”

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