MADISON – State Representative Elijah Behnke (R-Oconto) issued the following statement
regarding Assembly Bill 488 (AB 488), his curriculum transparency bill:

“Yesterday, AB 488 passed both the Senate and Assembly. As the author, I am extremely
excited that this is my first bill to pass both chambers and head to the Governor’s desk.

“As a parent myself, I wanted to work on a bill that will empower families to engage in what their students are learning. AB 488 does just that. We are not limiting what teachers can teach, we are just ensuring transparency in the classroom.

“This legislation should be bipartisan. However, the Democrats made this a partisan bill. I
encourage you all to pressure the Governor to sign AB 488 into law so we can better our students learning experiences.

“Let’s hold the ‘Education Governor’ accountable by making him sign this great piece of
legislation which allows families to make educational decisions for their children through
transparency in the classroom.”

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