“Last week, Assembly Republicans voted on a COVID relief bill that addressed many of the concerns we’ve heard from our constituents over the course of the pandemic. It included provisions that are important to the hard-working families across this state. It ensured our friends and neighbors have the ability to go to their place of worship without fear of it being shut down, and allowed those who want to opt out of the COVID vaccine to be able to do so. It prohibited local health officers from shutting down businesses without approval from elected officials, and provided the ability for our family and friends to get vaccinated quicker by allowing dentists to administer vaccines.”

“Unfortunately, the Senate passed a bill that failed to include all of these important provisions, and many more. I’m disappointed to see that these policies, the ones that are supported by so many of my constituents back at home, didn’t make the cut. I promise that I will continue to advocate for the people of the 39th Assembly District as we work towards an agreement on the COVID relief bill.”

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