Madison… State Representative Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam), Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Finance, released the following statement after Governor Evers delivered his State of the State address:

“Governor Evers would like the people of Wisconsin to credit him with the last state budget and at the same time hopes they forget the constant missteps by his administration during a time so difficult for many,” said Rep. Born. “He jammed far-left ideas in his first budget proposal and has stumbled when dealing with some of the biggest challenges the people of Wisconsin are facing in these uncertain times.”

“Let’s not forget, it was the Governor’s 2019-21 budget that would have raised taxes by over $1 billion,” said Rep. Born. “It was Legislative Republicans who stepped up and introduced a budget that protected taxpayers while also funding top priorities. We cut taxes for middle-class Wisconsin families and increased funding for education by over half a billion dollars. Republicans pushed for an increase in funding for hospitals and our direct care workforce all while ensuring we could save money for a rainy day.”

“Throughout the pandemic, the Governor’s failure in leadership caused tens of thousands to wait months for their unemployment at a time when many were living week to week,” said Rep. Born. “He maintains his administration did ‘everything humanly possible’ to handle unemployment claims but failed on numerous fronts with his DWD Secretary eventually resigning.”

“Now the Governor and his administration are failing the people of Wisconsin again,” said Rep. Born. “They had months to prepare for the vaccine, yet Wisconsin trails most of the Midwest in vaccines administered as a percent of population and one of his advisory committees is recommending vaccinating prisoners before 65-year olds.”

“Currently, many families across Wisconsin are struggling, but Legislative Republicans are ready to begin another session fighting for them,” said Rep. Born. “I look forward to continuing our work helping friends and neighbors across the state.”

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