Madison— Assembly Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) State Representative Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) issued the following statement after Governor Evers announced new funds for K12 education:

“Republican investments resulted in over $20,000 in per pupil funding for K12 schools. Governor Evers says that is a ‘failure to meaningfully invest in education’. Today, he is announcing a $134 per pupil increase and saying it ‘will go a long way’. We made targeted investments that go towards per pupil aid, mental health programing, special education and other aid programs, while the Governor has created a slush fund that can be used for, in his words, ‘whatever’.

Governor Evers continues to say ‘what’s best for our kids is what’s best for our state’, but if he truly believed that, he would have spent less time criticizing Republican plans to support and encourage in-person learning, and would have joined us in advocating for schools to re-open their doors. Instead, Governor Evers prioritized unions over ours kids, while Republicans truly did what evidence shows is best for our kids—incentivized and aided in-person learning.”

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