Madison…. Today, Representative Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) joined his Assembly Republican colleagues in support of the Covid-19 Relief Bill, legislation aimed at providing relief to business owners and families across Wisconsin.

“I am proud that the first piece of legislation I voted for this session provides the citizens of Wisconsin some much needed relief and certainty,” said Rep. Born. “This bill provides assistance to hospitals, small business owners, and the hard-working people of Wisconsin during these difficult times.”

Assembly Bill 1 includes a number of provisions including a requirement that the Department of Workforce Development provide a plan to reduce the number of unemployment insurance claims and up to $100 million in funding for Covid-19. The bill also protects Wisconsinites from government overreach, includes legislative oversight of any new Covid dollars, creates liability laws to ensure good actors are protected from frivolous lawsuits, and ensures that families can safely visit their loved ones in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

“The passage of the Covid-19 Relief Bill is critically important for the people of Wisconsin,” said Rep. Born. “I am disappointed my Democrat colleagues chose to vote against this common sense legislation, which will help so many families in our state. I encourage my Senate colleagues and Governor Evers to join us in support of this bill.”

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