MILWAUKEE – In recognition of the 10th Assembly District’s first responders, State Rep. David Bowen (D – Milwaukee) released the following statement:

“First responders are vital to the fabric of our community. Often taken for granted, these individuals are called upon in moments of extreme distress to render aid and often, to save lives. From firefighters, to police, to paramedics and EMTs and beyond, our communities’ first responders time and again run not away from danger, but towards it in order to protect us. We must recognize their sacrifices, including long hours, time away from family, the threat of injury and exposure to dangerous situations, and beyond, and show our deep and heartfelt appreciation for the work these public servants do for us.”

During today’s Session, the Assembly honored over 90 first responders from across the state for their service, their commitment to their communities, and their acts of bravery in the line of duty.

“While our office outreach did not result in any specific nominations for first responders living in the 10th Assembly District, today is a day to reflect on the work that first responders do in honorably serving our community through hard work, long nights, and difficult working conditions. Along with all the paramedics, EMTs, firefighters, and police who have served our District with honor and dignity, I want to personally thank Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman, Milwaukee Fire Chief Aaron Lipski, Interim Shorewood Police Chief Thomas Liebenthal, former Shorewood Police Chief Peter Nimmer, and North Shore Fire and Rescue Chief Robert Whitaker for their service to our community and entire State of Wisconsin.”

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