MILWAUKEE – In response to Republicans passing their rigged maps, David Bowen (D- Milwaukee) issued the following statement:

“Once again, Speaker Vos is trying to solidify Republican control in the state for another decade. Same poop in a new toilet! Doubling down on one of the most gerrymandered maps in the country, legislative Republicans are ramming through maps that will decide the political landscape in Wisconsin for the next decade with almost ZERO public support. These maps would diminish the representation of People of Color and most likely run afoul of the federal Voting Rights Act. ”

Today, the Republican-controlled Assembly passed SB 621 which now heads to the Governor’s desk after passing the Senate earlier this week, receiving no public support in a nearly nine hour public hearing held late last month. This bill would cement an artificial Republican majority in the State Assembly and Senate for another decade. Like many bills passed by the gerrymandered Republican majority, this bill passed along party lines, with no Republicans voting against, even though several Republican legislators have voiced support for non-partisan redistricting when talking to their constituents. Clearly all talk and no action.

“During my tenure in the State Assembly, I have seen the ill effects that Republican-drawn maps have had on my ability to enact solutions to the problems facing Wisconsinites. Issues like criminal justice reform, which have been tackled in Red, Purple, and Blue states across the country, never see the light of day because Speaker Vos and Republican leaders don’t need to listen to the will of the people. In my first three terms, I introduced, in particular, 30+ criminal justice reform bills, and only six of them had Republican support, and 1 was signed into law. It is well known that we have racial disparities in Wisconsin where People of Color will benefit greatly from these changes and gerrymandered uncompetitive drawn districts makes it significantly harder to pass such policies.  I make it a priority to reach out to my Republican colleagues on almost every piece of legislation I introduce, but because of our rigged maps, these conversations often fall on deaf ears. My constituents, as well as citizens from across the state, cannot afford to be bullied out of the political process for another ten years threatening our chance to participate fully in democracy. Since when did the Grand Ol’ Party turn into the Gerrymandered Oppression Party? I encourage Governor Evers to use his important veto pen.”

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