MILWAUKEE – In response to the passage earlier today of a number of anti-choice bills in the Assembly, State Rep. David Bowen (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement:

“Let’s be very clear: the anti-choice bills on today’s Assembly calendar were not about any kind of meaningful policy debate. Instead, these bills were firmly intended to thrust our state directly into the ongoing culture wars. We Democrats know that Governor Evers’ powerful veto pen is going to cancel these attacks on Wisconsin women’s right to choose their own healthcare, Republicans know it, and anyone who understands how divided government works knows it. Today’s votes were a cynical attempt by my Republican colleagues to drum up support from their base in advance of next year’s elections, and they were willing to do that at the cost of countless women and their rights in our state.”

Earlier today, the Assembly voted to pass Senate Bills 16, 503, 591, and 593, all of which would restrict abortion healthcare in Wisconsin, with all Democrats voting against. All four bills are re-introductions of legislation that was vetoed by Gov. Evers last Session, and the Governor has pledged to veto these proposals once more should they come to his desk.

“Today, we saw the same pattern that has shown up time and again in Republican-controlled legislatures across the country: male-dominated Republican caucuses doing everything they can to control women’s bodies, without any regard for either science or the extreme private nuances that go into these decisions. If Republicans want to take up precious legislative time discussing issues of healthcare, I’d suggest they talk about improving birth outcomes, lessening racial health disparities and healthcare gaps, especially for black women and women of color, or the easiest slam dunk of them all: expanding BadgerCare in our state. Those issues are consistently supported by a majority of Wisconsinites, and we should be finding bipartisan solutions and bills to pass and send along to the Governor’s desk so he can sign them.

So today, I have a message for my Republican colleagues: Wisconsin women aren’t inviting you into their private healthcare decisions today and they aren’t doing so tomorrow. Pick a new focus.”

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