MILWAUKEE – In response to the tragedy yesterday at the Waukesha Holiday Parade that left five community members dead and 48 more injured, including ten children in the ICU and six of them in critical condition, State Rep. David Bowen (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement:

“As details continue to unfold surrounding the horrendous events that took place at the Waukesha Holiday Parade yesterday, I want to send prayers to those community members that had to endure such a senseless act of violence. Our communities should be able to gather together publicly in the spirit of the season without having to worry about the threat of their lives being taken away from them. I also want to extend my thoughts and prayers to those who witnessed firsthand what transpired yesterday, and who are working to heal from the trauma of witnessing such a horrific tragedy. Thank you to the heroic first responders and the Good Samaritans within the crowd who acted immediately to help those harmed.”

Yesterday afternoon during the Waukesha Holiday Parade festivities, 39-year-old suspect Darrell Brooks, reportedly fleeing from a domestic incident, broke through a police barrier and drove a red Ford Escape SUV into community members marching in the holiday parade before being taken into custody by Waukesha police later in the evening. While the investigation is ongoing, Waukesha police have indicated that they believe Brooks acted alone, and although they have not released any suspected motives, they have made it clear that there is no evidence that this tragedy was a terrorist incident.

“In these heartbreaking and difficult times, it is crucial that we come together to show support for the victims, their families, the witnesses, and the whole Waukesha community as they work to heal from this tragedy. In the spirit of compassion and love, I encourage everyone to show support for the victims and the greater Waukesha community by either attending one of the community vigils being held in Waukesha this evening, signing up to donate blood through the Red Cross or Versiti, or by donating monetarily to the Waukesha County Community Fund, who are coordinating donations for the victims and their families.

Wisconsinites are stronger together, and our brothers and sisters in Waukesha need our support and love in their time of need. My heart is with the people of Waukesha, and I promise to continue my efforts to identify and propose policies and find collaborative bipartisan solutions to help keep our communities safe.”

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