Contact: Rep. Brandtjen (414) 915-8425

MADISON – State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R- Menomonee Falls) sent a letter to the members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) asking them to uphold the law and require Special Voting Deputies (SVD) in care facilities during elections. SVDs are appointed people who assist with absentee voting at care facilities. They were put into place to address the concern of seniors being coerced into voting for candidates that they may not have otherwise chosen.

The WEC took it upon themselves to instruct municipal clerks to mail absentee ballots to care facilities instead of requiring SVDs, but Legislative Council confirmed that WEC does not have the authority to offer this guidance.

“There are safety precautions in place for seniors in care facilities. WEC should follow existing law and not put our elections at risk. Our vulnerable seniors deserve proper oversight.” said Representative Brandtjen.

Please email Representative Brandtjen to request a copy of the letter.

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