Madison – State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R – Menomonee Falls) is alarmed that the City of Madison has issued rules that would disenfranchise those who reject the vaccines and inhibit citizens from taking part in the election process.

In November’s “Madison Votes” newsletter, the City of Madison has announced that poll workers will be required to prove that they are vaccinated. The announcement comes after reports that a record number of republican voters are signing up to be poll workers.

“We are regularly told to follow the science, but the latest study from the UK shows that being vaccinated doesn’t prevent people from spreading the Delta-virus. This is nothing more than a political power play to prevent those who, for various reasons, have chosen not to be vaccinated from participating in the electoral process. Those who have acquired natural immunity, have religious concerns or allergies should not be prohibited from performing their civic duties. I also should add that the latest polls shows the gap between vaccinated whites and the African-American community is widening. Obviously the democrats in Madison don’t care who they discriminate against as long as they maintain power.” Brandtjen said. “It’s these kinds of unethical antics that diminishes the public trust in our election process.” Brandtjen added.

Brandtjen has asked Legislative Council for an opinion on whether such a policy is legal and is awaiting a response.

Representative Brandtjen can be reached at her office in Madison by phone or e-mail.  Please feel free to contact her with any concern small or large.

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