Madison, WI – Rep. Rachael Cabral-Guevara (R – Fox Crossing) voted in favor of several bills which would provide critical support to several industries throughout the state. Republicans in the assembly passed 11 bills which help small businesses, the tourism industry and the state economy while providing aid to households, supporting long-term care facilities and investing in broadband expansion.

“Constituents across my district have tirelessly expressed support for the types of investments we voted on today. My hope is that the governor will be open to signing these bills into law,” said Rep. Cabral-Guevara.

The following are some of the priorities voted on in the assembly, which utilizes the $3.2 billion Wisconsin is slated to receive from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021:

  • Aid to Households: $1 billion to provide a 10 percent payment to all property taxpayers
  • Small Business Assistance: $200 million for small business grants
  • Tourism Assistance: $50 million for tourism grants and $25 million for advertising grants for amusement parks
  • Rural Economic Development & Farmer Assistance: $50 million for rural economic development grants and $50 million for farmer support funds
  • Long-term Care Assistance: $150 million for grants for nursing homes and assisted living facilities and worker bonuses
  • Strengthen Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund: Requires the use of recovery funds to keep UI taxes at lowest tax schedule
  • Local Road Funding: $308 million to give $2 million per county and $2,000 per road mile to cities, villages and towns for road improvements
  • Broadband Expansion: $500 million in broadband expansion grants
  • EMS and Mental Health: $68.2 million for EMS technology upgrades and a psychiatric hospital in Eau Claire
  • Debt Repayment: $250 million to pay down state debt and $250 million to pay off transportation revenue bonds
  • Clean Water Investments: $61 million for water infrastructure projects

Rep. Cabral-Guevara was the lead assembly author on the property tax relief bill, Assembly Bill 232.

“As a single mom with four kids, seeing my property taxes increase by $1200 in the last two years alone was nothing short of shocking. On top of that, after speaking with my neighbors, constituents across the district, and colleagues from all over the state, it became clear to me that this relief was needed,” added Rep. Cabral-Guevara. “It is my hope that Governor Evers shares the urgency faced by the people, businesses, and property owners in my district and around the state by signing this bill into law.”

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