[Madison, WI] – During the State Assembly’s floor session today, State Representative Calvin Callahan (R-Tomahawk) presented the 2021 “First Responder of the Year” award to Ryan Picl, an officer with the Tomahawk Police Department. Rep. Callahan welcomed Officer Picl to the State Capitol to be honored along with fellow first responders from across the state for First Responders Appreciation Month.

In May 2020, Officer Picl responded to a call at Trig’s grocery store in Tomahawk to find an elderly man who had a sudden cardiac arrest. Officer Picl performed CPR and utilized an AED, and saved this man’s life. Had it not been for the officer’s quick-thinking and bravery, this man would likely not have survived.

“Officer Picl’s impressive dedication to his job has made a tremendous, positive impact to the Tomahawk area,” said Rep. Callahan. “As a resident of Tomahawk, myself, I am especially appreciative of his commitment and sense of duty he has shown the community over the years. Our first responders represent the best qualities in us, and I’m proud to present this year’s award to Officer Ryan Picl.”

The “First Responder of the Year” award, created in 2019, recognizes the brave men and women who serve in our emergency services. Nominations are sought from the communities and state representatives select one individual who best exemplifies community service, selflessness, and dedication. Recipients this year included police officers, sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, and all levels of EMS personnel.

The State Assembly also passed a resolution declaring October 28th as First Responders Appreciation Day.

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