Madison – Today, the State Assembly convened to repeal the statewide mask order and sent yet another version of Assembly Bill 1 to the Senate. Assembly Bill 1 has been sent back and forth between the Senate and Assembly for a month. The amended version will likely be voted on by the Senate in the coming days. The resolution to repeal the mask order was also sent to the Senate this afternoon. Rep. Dave Considine (D-Baraboo) spoke on the floor and issued the following statement after adjournment:

“I rarely get up and say that I agree with the Speaker, but today I do. I agree with the Speaker about the fact that today is about leadership and it’s not about masks.

“If the members of this body were concerned with leading, we would have convened long ago. My colleagues and I begged for the body to convene to cover a myriad of issues including COVID-19. If we were real leaders, my colleagues in the majority wouldn’t have waited 10 months to take action on COVID-19.

“Wearing a mask shows leadership and protects the lives of others. Wisconsin’s statewide mask order protects our businesses, livelihoods, and communities. Upholding the mask order or introducing a bill for a new mask order would show leadership. Unfortunately, my colleagues on the other side of the aisle show that they are unwilling to lead.

“I commend Governor Evers in his leadership and for keeping our schools and businesses safer with this mask order. Leadership matters. I am proud to lead on this with Governor Evers today.

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