Madison, WI —Governor Tony Evers has just given his State of the State Address, which was spoken virtually to the citizens of Wisconsin. Representative Alex Dallman has released the following statements:

“This pandemic has not been easy on anyone, but I am grateful to represent a district whose constituents have been able to support one another through these tough times.”

“In his address, Governor Evers was quick to blame legislatures of the past for the backlog of unemployment claims that has occurred over the past year. Through no fault of their own, Wisconsin business owners have been forced to close down for days, weeks, or even permanently, due to direct actions taken by the Governor and unelected bureaucrats. It saddens me to know that there are still thousands of people across our great state who have yet to receive the assistance that they are due.”

“It is also apparent that the Governor would like to push blame away from himself when it comes to a vaccine rollout plan. Wisconsin has fallen behind much of the Midwest and the rest of the country when it comes to vaccines being delivered and administered. Our front-line workers and most vulnerable populations need quick and decisive action. If the Governor has no plan, I ask that he let the Legislature lead.”

“We are lucky, however, that previous legislatures have left us in great financial shape. I look forward to the upcoming budget process and continuing to work with the members of the Wisconsin State Assembly to prioritize getting kids back in the classroom, expanding rural broadband, reigning in bureaucracy, and standing up for our small business owners.”

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