Madison, WI — State Representative Alex Dallman has introduced a bill, LRB 3032/1, which would establish different requirements related to third-party sellers and online marketplaces through which they sell consumer products. This legislation would require that online marketplaces, such as Amazon, verify that their high-volume third party sellers are legitimate businesses.

Since 2015, theft losses have shot up 60%, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). In fact, the issue has become so large, that some retailers are electing to close certain stores rather than continue to suffer losses from the ongoing rise in retail theft. According to the NRF, the monetary losses from shoplifting, fraud, and employee theft are exceeding about $62 billion annually.

“Stolen merchandise is an obvious problem that many businesses are facing throughout the State of Wisconsin,” said Representative Dallman. “This legislation would ensure protection to Wisconsin consumers by giving them comfort when they buy goods online, that these online purchases are from reputable businesses and sellers, not criminals.”

“Businesses like Amazon are currently making massive profits off of organized retail criminals selling stolen and counterfeit goods on their platforms. This is an issue that our business community and law enforcement must work together to resolve, but this bill would play a big role in that partnership,” said Representative Dallman.

The next steps for this bill are for it to be introduced to a committee and for it to be held for a public hearing after that.

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