Madison, WI — State Representative Alex Dallman joined his Assembly colleagues in passing Assembly Bill 563, which requires instruction in civic education in the elementary and high school grades and making it a mandatory high school graduation requirement.

In a survey conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, only 51% of Americans could name all three branches of government, and 23% could not name any. In a Pew Research Center report, among 35 developed countries, the United States ranks 31st in voter participation.

“It has become incredibly obvious that our public and future generations must become better educated on civic engagement and government processes” Representative Dallman said.

The State of Wisconsin received an “F” in both civics and U.S. History according to Fordham Institute’s 2021 report on the State of State Standards. The report reprimanded Wisconsin’s lack of guidance that the state’s standards provide for teachers.

Under current law, only three credits of social studies are required to graduate high school. This bill would require 0.5 of those three credits to be focused on civics.

“It is an absolute honor to live in this country and to have the opportunities that many other citizens across the world do not have, especially when it comes to education,” said Representative Dallman. “We cannot take our Republic for granted; we must promote civics education, encourage a wide range of thought, critical thinking, civic participation and ensure open dialogue for debate.”

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