Madison, WI — On Wednesday, State Representative Alex Dallman joined his Assembly colleagues in passing a pro-life legislative package on the session floor.

“I am always honored to take a stand for the unborn,” said Representative Dallman. “When I ran for office last year, I wanted to make it my mission to protect these individuals and advance pro-life legislation.”

The first bill in this legislative package deals with the Woman’s Right to Know Act, which ensures that any woman prescribed an abortion pill regimen understands she may still be able to save her baby, even after taking the first pill.

The second bill is the Shield the Vulnerable Act, which bans abortions from being done solely due to the race, color, national origin, ancestry or sex of the baby. It would also prevent abortions due to a diagnosis or potential diagnosis of a congenital disability.

The third bill, the Prenatal Diagnosis Information Act, requires a physician who administers a prenatal or postnatal test that identifies a congenital condition in the baby, that he or she let the parents know the facts and supportive resources for this condition.

The last bill, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act, claims that any provider who is present at the time of a failed abortion to apply the same level of professional care to the surviving baby as they would any other baby delivered.

“These bills are exactly what Wisconsin needs in order to save lives,” said Representative Dallman. “This package is educational, outlaws discrimination, and provides immediate medical care to these children.”

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