Madison – Representative Barbara Dittrich (R – Oconomowoc) issued the following statement regarding passage of the 2021-2023 Wisconsin State Budget:

“Although Governor Evers surrounded himself with at least two state lawmakers who voted against the GOP-crafted biennial budget and failed to invite any Republicans to its signing, I applaud the fact that Wisconsin’s Governor finally realized that his proposed $1 billion tax hike on our citizens simply wasn’t good for the folks. The budget signed today meets Wisconsin’s needs while providing a historic cut of both income AND property taxes, focused largely on our state’s middle class. These cuts will save the average family $1,200 over the next 2 years!

“While this budget received the most bipartisan support since 2001, some of Governor Evers partial vetoes should concern Wisconsinites. The Governor struck items from the budget such as requiring drug testing for unemployment recipients, which would provide a good pathway to intervention and treatment of Wisconsin’s ongoing drug crisis. Also struck was a provision designating mental health beds upstate be dedicated to certain northern counties. Further, by vetoing an ongoing transfer of funds to our transportation fund, the Governor provides $50 million less for our state’s roads ongoing repairs, so much for “fixing the damn roads”. Finally, it is disappointing that the Governor insisted on taxpayers limitless spending through DOT on security and safety for a Lieutenant Governor whose office has remained largely dark and vacant for over a year.

“Nevertheless, Wisconsin Republicans were able to force the Governor to finally make good on his promised middle-class tax cut, all while increasing funding for long-term care facilities and the caregiver workforce, increasing funding for youth apprenticeships, employment opportunities for those with disabilities, and expanded assistance for veterans seeking employment, and targeting of special education and student mental health funding.

“The bipartisan process fought for by Republican leadership has continued putting our state on a firm footing despite the crisis brought on by pandemic closures over the past 18 months.”

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