Oconomowoc – Representative Barbara Dittrich (R – Oconomowoc) issued the following statement on the verdict in the Rittenhouse trial:


“On August 26, 2021, I issued a statement decrying the inaction of Governor Tony Evers in responding to the violence, destruction, and total anarchy occurring in Kenosha after the justified police shooting of Jacob Blake. It was not until after businesses had burned that Evers finally relented and sent in the needed law enforcement help.


“While many feel strong emotions on whether a seventeen-year-old should have been there protecting businesses the night of August 25, 2020, the jury has now affirmed that young man’s right to protect himself when found under lethal threat by rioters. Kyle Rittenhouse has been found not guilty on all charges filed against him. Despite attempts at jury tampering and bringing forth inadmissible evidence, our justice system has prevailed.


“I now ask that the public remain peaceful in their response to this verdict. As we saw when the initial rioting and violence took place in the summer of 2020, this sort of behavior never results in good. May we all move forward now as a state and nation, healing and working towards more positive involvement in our communities.”

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