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MADISON- Today, State Rep. Dora Drake (D-11th Assembly District Milwaukee) shared her thoughts regarding Resolution SRJ 3 to repeal the Governor’s emergency order and mask mandate:

“As the Wisconsin Assembly convenes today to vote on this resolution, the constituents of District 11, community members, business owners, and local public health officials understand what wearing a mask means, what the impact will have for our communities, and the state overall.

They understand we all must do our part if we want to come out of this together. Wearing a mask protects me from getting COVID if you have it, and protects you from getting COVID if I have it. This statewide mask requirement saves lives and has received support from communities and stakeholders throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Local units of government, businesses, especially in the 11th Assembly District, have asked for a statewide mask requirement because of the clarity and consistency it provides, especially for businesses who operate in multiple counties.

Our local public health officials need certainty, which is why having a statewide approach creates a centralized, effective plan to keep our numbers under control in every corner of Wisconsin.

In addition, passing this resolution likely means Wisconsin would not qualify for additional federal funding for food assistance. This would cause nearly 243,000 Wisconsinites to struggle with food security, an unnecessary and morally wrong burden to place on individuals and families during this time.

COVID and hunger do not know county lines, municipal lines, or political lines. Maintaining the Governor’s emergency order and mask requirement allows us to keep our numbers under control, receive federal funding for food assistance, and promotes public health safety in Wisconsin.

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