Madison- Today, State Rep. Dora Drake (D-11th Assembly District Milwaukee) announced her opposition to SB 621/AB 624 and SB 622/AB 625.

These bills do not reflect the sentiment that voters, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike, are clearly advocating for, which are fair maps. These maps were built on the 2011 maps, which currently are amongst the most gerrymandered in this nation. In 2011, Republicans moved nearly 2.4 million voters into new Assembly districts, even though it was only necessary to move 320,000 to ensure balanced populations.

The effect of this decision not only cripples the very existent of what our democracy stands for; it established a permanent Republican legislative majority regardless of changes in voter preferences.

Today, we had a chance to change the injustice of the past. However, these proposed pieces of legislation only reinforced gerrymandering by using our current maps as framework for our new maps. Various stakeholder groups and countless constituents worked tirelessly to learn about the redistricting processes. Wisconsinites advocated for a public process where the people are involved, informed, and included to ensure legislative maps reflect the voter’s interest, not political interests.

To ensure we have equitable fair maps, these must include four simple criteria: transparency, a non-partisan process, competitiveness, and compliance of the Voters Right Act by neither diluting nor packing minority communities for the sake of political gain. These criteria will ensure a democracy for all people and communities. However, SB 621/AB 624 and SB 622/AB 625 did not address these criteria for equitable fair maps nor protect the process of our democracy.

Moving forward, we know Governor Evers will protect our democracy by vetoing GOP maps. It will be up to the courts to protect our democracy by using these four principles to guide the process of establishing equitable fair maps for the next 10 years in Wisconsin.

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