MADISON – Rep. Duchow (R-Delafield) released the following statement after Governor Evers vetoed Assembly Bill 173 which prohibited the use of private funds to run Wisconsin’s Elections:

“By vetoing Assembly Bill 173, Governor Evers has shown that he does not care about ensuring that all Wisconsin voters have equal access to the ballot box. Rather than ensuring our elections are conducted with the highest level of integrity and transparency, Governor Evers has signaled that out-of-state corporations and other big-money groups can cast undue influence on our elections by cherry-picking which municipalities they dump millions of dollars into.”


“Because of Governor Evers’ actions today, Wisconsin’s election administration is available to the highest bidder. Wealthy, private individuals will continue to influence this states elections to the benefit of their own political agenda.”


Assembly Bill 173 was a clean government bill, and the governor denied the people of Wisconsin the honest elections they deserve.”

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