MADISON – Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly Committee on State Affairs and the Senate Committee on Government Operations, Legal Review and Consumer Protection held a joint public hearing on Republican-authored bills to redraw our legislative maps (AB 625 and AB 624). Rep. Jodi Emerson (D-Eau Claire) released the following statement in response:

“I was deeply disappointed to see the unfair maps the GOP introduced last week. People should choose their elected officials, not the other way around, and these maps prevent the people of Wisconsin from engaging in fair elections. The new maps are just a slightly retooled version of the current ones, which have already been found unconstitutional. Under these maps, Republicans will continue to hold onto power no matter what the voters want, allowing them to ignore the issues that are important to the people of Wisconsin, from combating COVID-19 to expanding BadgerCare.”


“In 2011, Republicans unnecessarily moved over a million people into new districts. Now, Republicans are prioritizing continuity, contrary to the massive changes they made in 2011.  These maps are among the most gerrymandered in modern American history.  That is why Wisconsin needs a non-partisan map drawing process, like the one proposed by Democrats in Assembly Bill 395. While new maps are adopted by the Legislature just like any other bill, there is no reason the Legislature can’t approve a map drawn by a non-partisan commission or agency. I encourage Republicans to rethink their support for this piece of legislation, as it will prevent the people of Wisconsin from engaging in fair elections and having their voice heard.”

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