The non-partisan People’s Maps Commission released their draft legislative maps on September 30- a tremendous preliminary achievement. I have heard loud and clear from constituents of the 46th Assembly District that they want fair legislative maps, and the draft maps released by the non-partisan People’s Maps Commission is a strong first step.

Not a single politician was involved in creating the People’s Maps. They took this job without partisan agenda- solely to ensure that maps would ensure a legislature that remains accountable to its voters. Gerrymanders insulate politicians from shifting political winds and ensure that instead of listening to the people that elect them, politicians will instead listen to those that bankroll their campaigns.

The people of Wisconsin overwhelmingly want fair maps. 76% of counties in Wisconsin have said that they want legislative lines drawn in an unbiased manner. They also want to ensure that the public has a say in how the lines are drawn, and to make sure that the process is not done in a backroom with members signing non-disclosure agreements preventing them from discussing the process with the public.

Republicans have been very clear that their priority in the current redistricting process is to protect their incumbents and make sure they maintain their majorities. Ensuring a legislature that most closely represents the will of the people of Wisconsin should be the number one priority of redistricting- not making sure your political friends keep their jobs.

The People’s Maps Commission has been an open, transparent process, inviting input from everyone in the state. They have done wonderful work. I would like to thank them for their tireless efforts, and I am excited to see the next steps in their process.

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