(Sun Prairie) – Representative Gary Hebl released the following statement regarding Governor Evers’ third State of the State address:


Nobody could have predicted how tough 2020 was going to be. The COVID-19 epidemic hit us in mid-March and our lives changed seemingly overnight. Unfortunately, after April 16, Assembly Republicans just completely stopped working for the rest of the year. Thankfully, however, Governor Evers never stopped working to ensure that Wisconsinites get the help they need during the pandemic. I thank him for taking action, including:


  • Investing almost two billion dollars to help distribute more than 26 million pieces of PPE and sanitizing supplies
  • Providing $379.1 million to help stabilize our economy, which helped support

o   53,000 of Wisconsin’s small businesses

o   15,000+ farms

o   Wisconsin’s lodging, hospitality, and tourism industries

  • Investing $200 million+ to help Wisconsin communities manage through the pandemic


While there’s still work to be done, I am grateful that we have a leader in Wisconsin that puts the people over politics.


I was also heartened to see the priorities that Governor Evers laid out for the future. The pandemic has shown us that we are in desperate need of statewide access to high speed internet, especially in rural areas and especially for virtual schooling. I have had numerous conversations with constituents and local elected officials in the 46th District around the subject of rural broadband. Governor Evers making this a priority is welcome.


Governor Evers also highlighted several changes that will make elections in Wisconsin more fair, and tilted towards the will of constituents instead of politicians. I fully support his People’s Maps Commission and I look forward to seeing what they come up with.


Governor Evers laid out a sensible, workable plan for the next year. It may continue to prove to be a trying year due to the continuing pandemic, but I am happy to have a leader in charge that is putting the wellbeing of the people first.

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