(Sun Prairie) – Representative Gary Hebl released the following statement regarding today’s Assembly Floor Session and the passage of AB1:


Today’s action by the Assembly Republican majority was shameful and partisan. They rushed through a bill that does not help curb the spread of COVID in Wisconsin. It is a giveaway to Robin Vos’ corporate donors to shield them from litigation so that they can force their employees back to work in potentially unsafe conditions.


This bill will go nowhere. The Senate Republican majority has indicate they will take no action on it and faces a veto from the Governor. After doing absolutely nothing from April 16, 2020 until the New Year, Robin Vos jumped in over his head with this bill, plowing forward without agreeing to a bill with either the Senate majority or the Governor. He simply wanted his name on the COVID bill to increase his political stock in Wisconsin. He seems intent on running for higher office and is more interested in his political ambitions than in doing what is right for the people of Wisconsin.


After introducing many proposals to battle COVID, Governor Evers was constantly met with the refrain that he ought to meet and compromise with the Senate and Assembly. Where are the calls for Robin Vos to meet and compromise with the Senate and Governor?

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