(MADISON) – In response to State Senator Stephen Nass’ (R-Whitewater) proposed motion to block the UW System form implementing COVID mitigation strategies for the upcoming fall semester, Rep. Gary Hebl (Sun Prairie) released the following statement:

I am mystified that this is not only moving forward, but moving forward without first hearing public input. For legislators that try to portray themselves as champions of small government, Wisconsin Republicans’ actions don’t match their rhetoric. Not only are they micromanaging every aspect of Wisconsin life they can, but they refuse to allow input from the Wisconsinites that their policies affect. The process itself is shameful.

Process aside, the actual consequences of what they are seeking are dire. The health and safety of students, faculty, and staff on state campuses is paramount. UW campuses should be allowed to take whichever course of action they determine is right, and should not have to worry about the Wisconsin Republicans micromanaging a rapidly evolving situation. We all would like classes to return to in-person for the fall semester, but the measure introduced by Senator Nass threatens that. I hope that our committee takes the responsible action and votes down this foolish, reactionary motion.

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