(MADISON) – The Assembly Democratic Caucus elected Greta Neubauer (Racine) and Kalan Haywood (Milwaukee) as its new Leader and Assistant Leader, respectively. They will replace Gordon Hintz (Oshkosh) and Dianne Hesselbein (Middleton), who are stepping down from leadership as they ponder the next steps in their careers. Representative Gary Hebl (Sun Prairie) released the following statement regarding the leadership changes:

I would like to thank Representatives Hintz and Hesselbein for their contributions to the Assembly Democratic Caucus. They have led us through some extremely troublesome times, from attacks on democracy, to inaction on climate change, to attacks on women’s health, to sever underfunding of education. They have done an amazing job guiding the caucus in our fights against the regressive Republican agenda. Whatever they choose to do in the future, I know that they will succeed. I wish them luck.

I am extremely excited to see what Representatives Neubauer and Haywood have in store for the Wisconsin Assembly Democrats. Having a younger perspective shaping the agenda is going to be a change, but one that I am sure will continue the party in the right direction. We have much to do to combat climate change, strengthen democracy, ensure health care for all, and strengthening public education. Having younger members of our caucus lead the way will help us reach a broader audience, and I look forward to working with our new leaders and seeing where they take us.

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