OSHKOSH — Following nearly a year of Republican elected officials undermining confidence in Wisconsin’s elections, Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) condemned the continuing attacks on Wisconsin’s democracy by Speaker Vos and other Legislative Republicans.

“Wisconsin’s elections are free, fair, secure, and accurate,” said Rep. Hintz. “But Republican elected officials have spent a year spreading the Big Lie and laying the groundwork to attack and dissolve independent agencies and justify legislative control of future elections.”

 Since Donald Trump lost the presidential election in November 2020, Republicans in Wisconsin have:

Continued Rep. Hintz, “These efforts may have started out as fringe ideas from a couple of Republican legislators. But they have turned into continued, coordinated attacks. This strategy is not just playing out here in Wisconsin, but across the country as well.”

Slipping under the radar yesterday was a Republican legislator’s call for the state legislature to decertify Wisconsin’s presidential electors, a concept GOP gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefish has refused to reject.

 Rep. Hintz concluded, “The increasing boldness and desperation of Republicans to undermine our democratic system of fair elections is straight out of the authoritarian playbook. It is a disgrace to our state, and must be rejected at every turn.”

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