MADISON – Today, Representative Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) welcomed Battalion Chief Mike Rutter of the Oshkosh Fire Department to the State Capitol in Madison. Rutter was selected as the 54th Assembly District’s “2021 First Responder of the Year.” Rutter was nominated by Rep. Hintz and the City of Oshkosh Fire Department due to his notable career and the contributions he has made to the community. Representative Hintz released the following statement on this honor:

“I am proud to recognize Battalion Chief Mike Rutter as the 54th Assembly District’s 2021 First Responder of the Year, and am honored to have the opportunity to recognize his service to the Oshkosh community before the full Assembly. 

“Chief Rutter is a 26-year veteran of the Oshkosh Fire Department, who is wholly committed to bringing out the best in each of his colleagues as he prepares them to protect the public. Chief Rutter has greatly improved the safety of the Oshkosh Fire Department’s firefighters, particularly through the coordination of personal protective equipment programming.

“This honor recognizes the culmination of his dedication to his profession, and contributions to the citizens of Oshkosh. I commend Chief Rutter and all of the First Responder award recipients for their outstanding service to their communities and the state of Wisconsin.”

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