Contact: Nada Elmikashfi, 608-266-5342


“The attacks on the US Capitol today are the inevitable consequence of an unhinged Trumpism. Domestic terrorists have attempted a coup on our most sacred chambers in support of a fascist president.

Those who have deliberately attacked the integrity of our election process are absolutely responsible for the rebellion we see today. And the blame for this unacceptable violence extends to the leaders of the Republican Party, both in Wisconsin and across the country, who have deliberately undermined the results of this election and given credence to a criminal president.

We are a country that should aspire to be better than this moment.

We are a country that should aspire to treat those fighting for Black lives with as much grace as that allotted to these treasonous white supremacist mobs.

I urge my fellow Americans to stay at home and stay safe tonight and reflect on the motivations of those inciting violence on our country — we must do better.”

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