MADISON – Gov. Tony Evers today signed the 2021-23 biennial budget, now 2021 Wisconsin Act 58, providing one of the largest tax cuts in Wisconsin state history. The Governor also announced the investment of $100 million federal dollars in Wisconsin’s public schools.

Representative Hong released the following statement: 

“ Against all odds, Governor Evers has today once again delivered for Wisconsin. It is a credit to his leadership that we will be able to deliver middle-class tax cuts and protect school funding.

Budgets are about priorities, and for the past seven months, legislative Republicans’ priority was partisan politics, not doing what’s best for the people and the future of our state. This was made absolutely clear earlier this session when key provisions were struck from the Governor’s budget proposal that would have greatly contributed to the equitable economic recovery of Wisconsin.

Without a doubt, the GOP budget fell short of addressing the state’s needs and represented a missed opportunity, and for this reason, I voted against it. Republicans presented a false choice between investing in classrooms and providing tax relief for hardworking families and that was not fair to the people of the 76th or this state. However, I am glad that Governor Evers was able to use his veto pen and sound fiscal management to fix several problems in the final budget.

Separately, the Governor also announced that his administration will be allocating $100 million in federal funds into public school classrooms. Once again, the education governor is doing what he believes is in the best interests of the people and children of Wisconsin. ”

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