Washington, DC—Today, during a Ways and Means Committee hearing on the Biden Administration’s 2021 Trade Policy Agenda, Rep. Ron Kind spoke about the importance of dairy access to Canada under the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) and its enhanced enforcement provisions, and expressed his commitment to working closely with the Administration to strengthen the World Trade Organization (WTO) and move forward with a bilateral trade negotiation with the U.K. Rep. Kind also spoke to the need of resolving the ongoing dispute with our allies on 232 national security tariffs to provide relief for Wisconsin farmers, manufacturers, and businesses impacted by tariffs.

Watch the video here.


  • “I, and others, were very displeased when the previous Administration started slapping these 232 tariffs on our closest friends and allies, all under the guise of national security concerns. My sentiment towards trade, it’s always been more than just goods and products and services crossing borders. It’s an important part of our diplomatic and national security toolbox and so I’m hoping that you will work aggressively and quickly in finding resolution to the 232 dispute with our closest allies, especially in the EU, with Great Britain right now because this is also having an economic impact in Wisconsin from our bean producers to cranberry growers are feeling the impact, Harley-Davidson – teamed up with Representative Moore on sending you a letter on the impact on Harley in Wisconsin – and can manufacturers.”
  • “We’ll look forward to working with you on the necessary reforms that we hope the WTO will be making to strengthen the institution so we can resolve trade disputes peacefully throughout the globe.”
  • “I’m co-chairing the U.S.-U.K. Interparliamentary Working Group and… our top priority is the bilateral trade negotiation that we hope to be able to move forward on. Of course… we are going to have to work on TPA authorization in order to accomplish that so we’ll coordinate with the Administration on the timing of when we can start moving forward on that front.”

Rep. Kind serves on the Subcommittee on Trade for the Ways and Means Committee, the most powerful – and the oldest – committee in the House of Representatives. It has jurisdiction over tax measures, the management of public debt, trade and tariff laws, Social Security, Medicare, pensions, and many other economic growth measures.

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